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CDN - Content Delivery Network

When you upload your videos to Instant Video Web Pages they're stored using Amazon's S3 service for dependability. And when someone views your video, it's being distributed via Amazon's CloudFront Content Delivery Network, which means your video is being served from special servers close to the end user (faster delivery).

What do you have to know in order to take advantage of this infrastructure? NOTHING. You don't even need an S3 account. We do it all for you.

Web-Based Software

What's so great about web-based software? No setup, that's what! No downloading, unzipping, installing, etc. Just start using right away. And when new features are added, you don't have to upgrade anything -- the new features show up automatically!

Easy To Use

Instant Video Web Pages was designed to be quick and easy. Video web pages can make a big difference in your online business, but only if it's not a hassle. With Instant Video Web Pages you'll be putting up new video web pages... instantly!

Built-In Templates

Whether you're ready to put up a video sales letter, a video landing page, or just a video postcard, there are templates for that. Multiple designs and options make it easy to choose just the right look.

What if you don't want to use a template? Maybe you'd like to put your video on a Wordpress blog or in an already existing web page? No problem! Instant Video Web Pages can handle that!

Operating system

Advanced Features You'll Love

The first rule of Instant Video Web Pages is that it has to be easy. The second rule of Instant Video Web Pages is that even advanced features have to be easy. Let me tell you about three of the easy-to-use advanced features...

Cue PointsCue Points: You can think of these as timed triggers. At any given point during your video you can specify an action to happen, such as changing the headline, or making the Add To Cart button appear.

Built-In Opt-In Form: Generate leads or build an email list using your video web pages. No 3rd-party autoresponder service needed. You can even require prospects to opt-in before the video will play.

Redirect At End Of Video: When the video ends you can automatically redirect the user to a different website. This works great for affiliate marketing because you can redirect the viewer to the sales page using your affiliate link.

* Some advanced features not available in all plans.