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15 Apr

New Video Web Page Templates

Posted in Site Changes, Video Templates on 15.04.10

Five new templates were added to the site yesterday.

  • Ionic Bald Eagle
  • Ionic Mt. McKinley
  • Ionic Sandy Beach
  • Swirls Dark Blue
  • Swirls Red

The Ionic templates do not have a built-in opt-in section, although you can put opt-in code in the body section if you like.

The Swirls templates have an opt-in section to the right of the video.

My plan is to add at least one new template per week to the site until there are at least a couple dozen (there are 16 right now).

Plus, I’m working on a “template library” that will give you dozens of options and even allow you to upload your own templates that will be available to YOU only.

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