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09 May

Two New Features

Posted in Site Changes, Video Marketing on 09.05.10

When you go to create or edit a video web page you’ll find two additions:

1. Page Title – Now you can specify a title for the browser window. It will default to use whatever you put in the Name field, but you can change that if you like. This is useful mostly for those people who use the direct link to the video web page.

2. Copyright – Down at the bottom of the edit page there’s now a field for the copyright info you want at the bottom of the templates. This allows you to have a different copyright notice for each video web page you put up. If you don’t want different copyright notices, just ignore that field and leave it as the default.

Those with sharp eyes (well, really, those who just look at it) will see that the default copyright line as some weirdness to it:



If you use those “tokens” in the copyright line they will be changed when the page is published to show the current year and the name you have specified in Settings, respectively.

You don’t have to use those, you can just specify 2010 for the year if you want — just remember to come back when it’s 2011 and change it. If you use the token, that change will happen automatically. (I love working lazy!)

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