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09 Aug

New Feature: Personal S3

Posted in Site Changes, Video Marketing on 09.08.10

Many people who do a lot of video have their own Amazon S3 account — it’s cheap storage combined with cheap bandwidth, and is one of the reasons IVWP relies on it.

But if you have your own S3 account, wouldn’t it be cool to be able to use all the features of IVWP with your OWN S3 account?

Yep, and that’s why we added Personal S3, the ability to specify your own S3 account. After setting it up your videos will be uploaded to your own S3 bucket but you can still choose them from the dropdown list when creating a new video web page.

Best of all, you don’t have to worry about going over the storage and bandwidth limits of IVWP, because when you use your own S3 account you’re taking care of that!

Tutorial videos showing how to set up Personal S3 are coming, but if you’re not shy, click the Settings tab in your account and you can probably figure it out yourself!

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  1. Leah Dubyk, Stockton, CA says:

    Excellent idea Jay! I am seriously going to do a killer review between you, EZPlayer and EVP which is good too. I was using EVP before I tried yours and at first I bounced between both of them but now 3 months later I haven’t been back to visit EVP in about 2 months.

    Good is just not good enough once you step up to GREAT. It’s so amazingly fast and never hangs up or even hick-ups.

    Anyway, what I was going to say is the new S3 1-time payment is the edge you needed to be beat them all, hands down. Now the only difference is yours is yearly whereas there’s is 1-time and then your’re off on your own. Yearly renewals is like starting fresh again every year.