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09 Nov

New Feature: Facebook Like and Comments

Posted in Site Changes on 09.11.10

It’s now so easy to add a Facebook “Like” button to your video pages, or even Facebook Comments.

Take a look at this quick video:

Adding Facebook Plugins to Your Video Page

Basically, all you do is add this where you want the Facebook Like button to show up:


Or add this where you want comments to show up:


Just type those in with whatever body copy you’re putting in on a page, etc. You don’t have to switch to “source mode” or anything like that.

I’ll have a tutorial video ready soon, but that preview video is probably enough to get you going. Give it a shot!


2 comments on this topic

  1. Barry Friedman says:

    This thing just keeps getting better and better! Love the new “Copy” button, too. I was having to recreate pages for testing and this is much better.

    1. Jay says:

      Oh yeah, I forgot to tell people about that, Barry! :)

      If you want to create a new web page based on an existing page, click the new Copy As New icon in the Actions for the existing web page. Then give it a new name and tweak anything else you want and save it — you’ll have a new video web page!
      Copy As New icon

      1. John says:

        Hi Jay, that’s a great addition, plus the copy function.

        Like Barry said it’s a huge time saver and I just love it. Now things are ramping up I’ll be using IVWP more often now, so I’m sure I’ll find other little gems in this product.


        John :o)