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01 May

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Posted in on 01.05.10

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You Don’t Have To Be A Guru To Take Advantage Of Video

Look around at just about every product that’s launched and you’ll see one thing in common:

Those marketers are using video — in some cases, there’s no real sales letter at all, just a video and a buy button.

If people like John Reese, Mike Filsaime, Andy Jenkins, Armand Morin, Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, etc., are using video, you know one thing for certain…

…it works!

What’s the other thing those marketers have in common?

They’re all made of money. :)

It’s easy to do something like put a video sales letter together when you can outsource it, or just throw a bunch of money at the problem until it goes away. But what about the rest of us, those of us who are bootstrapping our way to success in internet marketing?

There are two good options we can jump on.

  1. Do some hard-core digging and learn how to do everything ourselves that’s needed to get a video sales letter online.
  2. Find an easy-to-use tool (that won’t break the bank) that will handle most of the details for you.

A guy named Jay Jennings has done the former most of his life which is why he now program tools that allow the latter to be a great option for almost anybody.

Jay created Instant Video Web Pages so he could put video sales letters and video opt-in pages online quickly and easily. And it turned out so cool he decided to offer it to others as a low-cost membership site. Here’s what it takes to put a video page online with IVWP:

  1. Upload your video.
  2. Fill in a few blanks (like choosing a page design from a list).

Oh, wait, there is no Step 3 — you’re done after two steps! Seriously, that’s how easy it is.

When it’s so easy to put a video sales letter or video opt-in page online, there’s no excuse not to take advantage of the extra sales and sign-ups video can give you.


…to watch the 7-minute video that explains Instant Video Web Pages.

Video can give your business a huge boost and with IVWP you can get it going fast!

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