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28 Apr

IVWP – Refer People and Make Commissions!

Posted in on 28.04.10

Instant Video Web Pages is being advertised mainly by word of mouth. Happy customers tell other people who then become happy customers.

And now you can profit from telling others about IVWP. I’ll give you a 33% commission when someone you refer becomes a customer

…and you’ll receive that commission EVERY month for as long as they’re a member!

That means when you get 3 people to sign up at your level or above, your membership is basically free! (Okay, for people who can do math, there *is* a 1% discrepancy, 99% vs 100%, but I think that’s close enough to call it free!)

Here’s how it breaks down for a $27 membership — the 33% is paid via, so the total to you is about $7.66 per member. Per month.

And there’s no limit to the number of people you can refer. Which means if you refer 10 people at $27 per month, your commission will be $76.60 per month.

Refer 50 people and you’ll be making $383 per month. Refer people one time, and get paid over and over and over again. Nice.

I’ll let you do the “what if?” math for other numbers. And remember, people can also choose the higher-priced plans, which means you make $14.26 per person for someone on the Silver plan. Every month.

Joining the IVWP affiliate program is free and easy. You can do that here: (link opens in new window)

After you’ve done that you’ll receive a special link. Use that link when you refer people to IVWP and you can make a recurring commission on every person who becomes a member.

Step 1. Get an affiliate account.

Step 2. Copy your unique referral link from the affiliate site.

Step 3. Start promoting IVWP on your blog, via Twitter, Facebook, etc.

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