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09 Aug

New Feature: Personal S3

Posted in Site Changes, Video Marketing on 09.08.10

Many people who do a lot of video have their own Amazon S3 account — it’s cheap storage combined with cheap bandwidth, and is one of the reasons IVWP relies on it.

But if you have your own S3 account, wouldn’t it be cool to be able to use all the features of IVWP with your OWN S3 account?

Yep, and that’s why we added Personal S3, the ability to specify your own S3 account. After setting it up your videos will be uploaded to your own S3 bucket but you can still choose them from the dropdown list when creating a new video web page.

Best of all, you don’t have to worry about going over the storage and bandwidth limits of IVWP, because when you use your own S3 account you’re taking care of that!

Tutorial videos showing how to set up Personal S3 are coming, but if you’re not shy, click the Settings tab in your account and you can probably figure it out yourself!

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06 Jul

New Feature: Splash Image

Posted in News, Site Changes, Video Marketing on 06.07.10

Just introduced a new feature in IVWP over the weekend — splash images.

That’s the static picture that shows in the movie viewer before the user presses Play and can make your video look much more professional (instead of just showing the black square).

To use it, enter the URL of a picture in the new Splash Image field when creating (or editing) a video web page. If you don’t have your picture uploaded anywhere, you can use the Image Library button at the end of the field to upload a picture from your computer to the system.

A video tutorial showing how to use it will show up in the near future, but it’s pretty easy, so give it a shot!

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16 Jun

Mike Filsaime Joins IVWP

Posted in Video Marketing on 16.06.10

If you’ve been involved in internet marketing for any length of time you know the name Mike Filsaime. I’m very pleased to announce that Mike and I are joining forces to build Instant Video Web Pages into a powerhouse marketing tool.

With Mike’s marketing muscle and my development skills IVWP is going to get better and better over the coming months.

I can’t wait to unveil some of the new features we have planned!

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22 May

New Template – Bravo Dk Lime

Posted in Site Changes, Video Marketing, Video Templates on 22.05.10

There’s a new template available in Instant Video Web Pages:

Bravo Dk Lime – Video Size: 480×360 – Areas: Headline, Subhead, Optin, Body

Bravo Dk Lime - Video Size: 480x360 - Areas: Headline, Subhead, Optin, Body

A light version of that template (Bravo Lt Lime) will show up in a few days.

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21 May

New Feature – Stats

Posted in News, Site Changes, Video Marketing on 21.05.10

A new feature was rolled out today — the first of the statistics and reporting that will be made available. The video plays have been tracked, but you haven’t been able to get access to that data until today.

Here’s a quick video showing how it works:

This is available for Bronze, Silver, and Gold members.

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09 May

Two New Features

Posted in Site Changes, Video Marketing on 09.05.10

When you go to create or edit a video web page you’ll find two additions:

1. Page Title – Now you can specify a title for the browser window. It will default to use whatever you put in the Name field, but you can change that if you like. This is useful mostly for those people who use the direct link to the video web page.

2. Copyright – Down at the bottom of the edit page there’s now a field for the copyright info you want at the bottom of the templates. This allows you to have a different copyright notice for each video web page you put up. If you don’t want different copyright notices, just ignore that field and leave it as the default.

Those with sharp eyes (well, really, those who just look at it) will see that the default copyright line as some weirdness to it:



If you use those “tokens” in the copyright line they will be changed when the page is published to show the current year and the name you have specified in Settings, respectively.

You don’t have to use those, you can just specify 2010 for the year if you want — just remember to come back when it’s 2011 and change it. If you use the token, that change will happen automatically. (I love working lazy!)

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28 Apr

New Opt-In Features (Squeeze!)

Posted in Video Marketing on 28.04.10

If you’re using the built-in opt-in form, there are two new features you can use:

1. Require the person to opt-in before they can view the video.

2. Redirect to a different page after the user opts in.

Of course, you don’t want to use those together, that wouldn’t make sense, but both by themselves can be very valuable.

To require a person to opt-in before they can view the video, just put the word “require” inside the square brackets, like this:

[optin require]

Now if they try to view the video a box will pop-up that looks similar to this:

After they opt-in using the form, the video will play as normal.

This is a great way to build a squeeze page to build your list quickly.

To redirect after an optin, just include a URL inside the square brackets, like this:


After the user logs in, they will be redirected to the URL you specify.

Note: These two features are available for members with the Silver plan and above. They are not available with the Bronze plan.

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20 Apr

New Feature: Opt-In Forms

Posted in Video Marketing on 20.04.10

There’s a way to use an opt-in form with Instant Video Web Pages even if you don’t have an autoresponder account.

Here’s a 2.5 minute video showing the new feature:

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