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Instant Video Web Pages is the leading web-based video page maker. No installation or setup needed, get started immediately!

Automatically takes advantage of Amazon's S3 and Content Delivery Network so you don't have to!

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  • Turns your existing live or screencast videos into video web pages instantly.
  • Select from 21 lead-pulling templates. More added monthly.
  • Creates video sales letters, video opt-in pages, and video pastcards.
  • Generates as many video web pages as you like!
  • Builds your list - even if you don't have an autoresponder.
  • Delivers leads right to your desktop.
  • Works seamlessly with all major autoresponders.
  • Easy enough for a beginner, powerful enough for the most advanced marketer.


Curious about Instant Video Web Pages? Check the screenshots below:

Now with HTML5 Video Support (It's Automatic!)


When you use an h.264-encoded video with Instant Video Web Pages, your video will show up when people view them on an iPhone or iPad.


For normal viewing we use a "state-of-the-art" Flash-based video player but when we see that someone is trying to view one of your videos with an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, we swap out the Flash player (which doesn't work on those devices) and use an HTML5 video player.


You don't have to click any extra buttons or check any boxes -- it just works.